Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faith like a child...

What is childlike faith?  What does that mean anyway?  

Mathew 18:3 speaks of this faith.  Having a childlike faith is trusting without understanding.  When you know with out question that the Lord is there to catch you when you fall... When you know that even though your circumstances seem extreme and feel like there is not hope and you still have trust that you are in God's hands.... all will be well even though you do not see how this can be. 

Childlike faith is hard to attain and certainly hard to keep.  As adults we try to take control and hold onto it for dear life.  The truth is that you can not truly be free until you let that control go.  Until you realize that you are not in control even when you think you are. It is a hard place to get to, but realize that letting go and trusting God is the way it should be.  When you do this there is such peace that can be gained. 

I think of how a child trusts without abandon.  Sometimes to the point of shocking us parents.  For instance G my youngest right now loves to be just like his big brother.  Last year we took the boys to the pool and they were taking turns jumping off the side.  G had no fear and just trusted that we would be there to catch him even when he would run along the side of the pool making this pretty difficult.  Being able to trust that no matter what even if you jump while your running that the Father is going to be there to catch you is to me what childlike faith means.

I pray that you help me to have a childlike faith.  Help me to trust you and look to you for guidance. It is not always easy, but I pray that I always strive to live this way and that you help me to see when I have started to pull back the control so I can let go! 

These thoughts and comments are my opinion.  I am not a preacher, pastor, or anything even close.  I am a Christian striving to live a God centered life.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Prayers for a dear friend

Lord, there is a dear friend of mine who is going through a very trying time right now.  Her and her family have had things said about them that have caused a great deal of hurt and problems for them.  I pray that you will help them in this time.  Help them feel peace in that they are always in your hands... even in the midst of this storm.  Help them know that even though it seems really bad right now, that it will all work out.  All of this will be over soon and life will be better than it was before.  Help them know that there are many who care for them and that they can lean on these people because they are there for them.  Help me Lord to know how best to help!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Letter's to God

A while back I saw a movie... I believe the title was Letter's to God.  In the movie this kid who had cancer wrote letter's to God and it changed people lives.  I had been thinking about this and decided that I would start doing something similar.  Sometimes when you write what your praying it is so much more powerful.  I don't have any idea if anyone will read these Letters to God or if they will just be for me and God... It's just an idea and something I felt like I needed to do... So, here goes!